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  • Ventana: We were lucky to stay at this majestic resort along the Pacific Coast. Our room, known as the Pacific House, was both rustic and elegant with high ceilings and our own private patio with views of sunny meadows and the ocean. The room also has it’s own fireplace and outdoor hot tub, which would have both been used immensely had we not visited in the summertime.


  • Our hotel had a beautiful restaurant called The Sur House, located up the hill from the resort which meant the views were especially stunning. We had dinner there just as the sun was setting, and the colors of the sky stacked upon one another like a cotton candy layer cake. The food was fresh and unique and the cocktails were especially delightful.

  • Big Sur Bakery: This place is great for easy, casual eats, especially if you’re in the mood for a coffee and morning pastry. We also went there for dinner one night on a whim and were pleasantly surprised- the homemade pizza and local wines were amazing.

  • Post Ranch Inn: Also known as the “It” hotel of Big Sur, the meal here did not disappoint. We went for lunch and sat outside, which turned out to the one of the most magical views I’ve ever experienced. It was sunny out, but the clouds had taken over the ocean, and it felt like you were sitting on top of the world (see pink drink post below to get the idea). Everything we ate was delicious, and the cocktail was a stand-out, too.


Simply driving along the coast from Carmel down to Big Sur will give you enough breathtaking views to last you a lifetime. We pulled over more times than I can count to check out the cliffs hanging over the ocean.

  • McWay Falls: This was one of my absolute favorite spots. It’s slightly hidden- you have to pull into a lot (it’s on the left if you’re driving south down the coast) and then walk down a small pathway. This leads you out to a little landing area that overlooks the insane views that are McWay Falls (pictured above). Look down to your left and you’ll see an 80-foot waterfall.

  • Pfeiffer Beach: another favorite was this magical beach. It’s a little tricky to get to, including a 2 mile drive down a very (and I mean very) narrow and winding road, passing horses and abandoned houses to eventually reach this quiet, majestic beach. There’s purple sand, giant rock formations and a perfect setup for gorgeous sunsets. Keep in mind the parking reaches capacity quickly for this spot, after which they block the entrance. It’s best to go early in the day to get a spot!

Bixby Bridge.jpg