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Having grown up in a small town outside Boston, one of my favorite summer past-times was traveling down to the cape and taking the ferry Martha’s Vineyard. I’d never had the chance to go to Nantucket, and jumped at the opportunity to spend the day there. It was everything I’d hoped- quaint and charming with the grey paneled houses, pink flowers blooming everywhere, and the single sandy lanes that led you down to the open beaches. There’s such a different feeling being on the east coast during summer- maybe I’m just nostalgic. You can have the most beautiful, sunny, clear day that transforms into humid thunderstorms in the afternoons. Everyone is eating lobster rolls while wearing polo shirts and floral sundresses. There’s a different magic to an east coast summer.

With the help of a kind local I was able to come across Steps Beach (see photo above!) which is set right in the middle of Nantucket’s most popular beaches, Jetties and Dionis Beach. Steps Beach is a little hard to find (kind of a secret spot), and there is hardly any parking (we were traveling by moped for the day- definitely recommend biking here) so it worked out. After walking through a narrow walkway between houses you’ll come to an opening and that’s where you descend the steps down to the beach. It’s incredible beautiful and serene, and the water here is the warmest on the island.